Live at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany.

Live at the Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany.

Lux Interna

Lux Interna draws from various folk music vernaculars and places them in conversation with more contemporary idioms such as drone, doom, and postpunk to articulate an alternate and hallucinatory vision of Americana - apocalyptic americana? - that foregrounds the fissures and crisis points within the "American narrative," rather than harmoniously resolving them. In acceding to the absence of narrative coherency, we are interested in exploring new possibilities of presence, reenchantment, and meaning.

On the heels of our last release, "There is Light in the Body/There is Blood in the Sun," we are expanding upon traditional songwriting/live performance to embrace a more immersive approach to music making with New Wilderness Gospel: an episodic narrative realized as an interlocking album, text, and experimental film.

To date, Lux Interna has six full-length releases on the German cult label Eis & Licht, the darkwave label, Projekt Records, and the Northern California label, Pesanta Urfolk. Lux Interna has performed across North America, Europe, and Russia.  

Our current lineup consists of Joshua Levi Ian (guitar, banjo, voice); Kathryn Ian (autoharp, hand percussion, voice); Kris Force (violin, viola); Adam Collins-Torruella (drums, percussion); and Tim Gotch (electric bass).

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